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City Lens Progresif

KODAK City Lens Progresif telah disempurnakan lebih lanjut menjadi 4 Gaya Penglihatan Progresif

KODAK City Lens tersedia pada lensa Single Vision ataupun pada lensa Progresif, yang telah disempurnakan lebih lanjut menjadi 4 gaya penglihatan yang berorientasi pada gaya hidup.

Yang manakah Anda?

  • All-Around

    A balanced progressive design, with smooth transitions between viewing zones, for all-day active comfort.

    Ideally suited for those with a varied city lifestyle. 

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  • Extended

    A progressive design, with more emphasis on distance and mid-vision zones. 

    Ideally suited for those who spend a greater portion of their city life outside.

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  • Screen

    A progressive design, maximizing mid-vision perception with minimal compromise to near and distance.

    Ideally suited for those city dwellers with office-based lives and who spend a large proportion of their day viewing screens.   

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  • Proximity

    A supremely comfortable progressive design, with a broad near-vision zone and smooth transition zone. 

    Ideally suited for those who enjoy a home in the city and a strong preference for reading and handheld digital devices.

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Untuk mempermudah memilih Gaya Penglihatan Progresif yang benar untuk KODAK City Lens Anda, kami telah mengembangkan kuis sederhana, cukup jawab beberapa pertanyaan tentang gaya hidup Anda untuk mendapatkan solusi penglihatan yang disesuaikan.

Yang manakah Anda?

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